An Investment In Public Transportation Is An Investment In The Future

According to legislative leaders, the short and controversial life of the “tech tax” — the state’s proposed levy on software services — will soon come to an end. After a full-throttle revolt from the innovation sector, all parties — including the governor — agree the existence of such a tax would weaken the power of Massachusetts as a magnet for entrepreneurs and innovators.But this is also a time to consider a couple of important points: For one, the tech tax was passed as one part of a larger revenue package. And the objective of this revenue was to improve our transportation capacity and, one of the chief beneficiaries of transportation investments is the tech sector itself.Public transit helps create vibrant, high density neighborhoods, teeming with creativity and innovation…

Ask any innovation expert where new ideas and new companies thrive these days and they’ll tell you Kendall Square in Cambridge, the Leather District and the Waterfront area in Boston, and increasingly in cities like mine, Somerville.

And what do they all have in common? Close proximity to public transportation — specifically, the Red Line.


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