Data Download with Mayor Curtatone

Construction on the Green Line Extension is underway, so this month we’re taking a closer look at notable project data – and interesting numbers.

85 percent of residents to live within a half mile of rapid transit: One of our biggest community goals is to help our environment by reducing dependency on automobiles. However, we know that people have places to be and things to do, and when public transportation isn’t easily accessible, a car is often times the most convenient and most reliable way to get to work every day, make it to those appointments on time, grocery shop, and more.

Before the opening of the Assembly Square Orange Line Station in 2014, only 15 percent of Somerville residents lived within a half mile walk of rapid transit. With that station in operation – and once the Green Line Extension (GLX) is complete – the percentage of Somerville residents within a half mile walk of rapid transit will increase to 85 percent.

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