Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Curtatone
I’m incredibly proud to have received the endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the most progressive Senator in the nation. It’s…
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Mayor Curtatone on DACA: “These folks are as American as you or I”
Mayor Curtatone was on Herald Radio this morning talking about the cruel decision Donald Trump has to end the DACA…
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2017 Campaign Kick-off Speech
Here’s the full text of my speech from my 2017 mayor’s race campaign kickoff event: All right, we all know…
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Speech to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention
Speech to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention Worcester, MA I imagine most of you out there take in the nightly…
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Somerville Times: Mayor’s efforts recognized by Somerville Community Access Television
Somerville Community Access Television (SCATV) presented Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone with the SCATV Sanctuary Award this past Thursday, January 19,…
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2017 State of the City Address
Good evening President White, Vice President Ballantyne, Chair Pitone and Vice Chair Green; honorable members of the Board of Aldermen,…
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Boston Globe: Somerville- The little city that could
Lately it seems like Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is everywhere. Here he is welcoming Partners HealthCare and its 4,500 employees —…
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An Investment In Public Transportation Is An Investment In The Future
According to legislative leaders, the short and controversial life of the “tech tax” — the state’s proposed levy on software…
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Somerville Patch: City Embarks on Journey to Improve Accessibility
A public meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday is part of an overall process to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards…
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