We’re holding corporate drug pushers accountable

The opioid crisis has been spurred on by corporate drug pushers, and we’re going to hold them accountable.

This is news part: Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced that the City filed suit today against opioid manufacturers and distributors, including the chain pharmacy Walgreens as a distributor, for their alleged deceptive and illegal promotion of opioids and failure to investigate, report, maintain effective control, and take steps to terminate suspicious orders of the highly addictive prescription drugs.

This is part of what I had to say about it: “Our investigation into the opioid epidemic in Somerville points directly to these opioid manufacturers and distributors who we believe acted dishonestly and without compassion for patients, instead placing profits above all else. The opioid epidemic touches all people, and too many of our fellow residents have been harmed. The bad actors within the opioid industry must be held to account. For Somerville, that starts today. We are coming together and filing this suit to get our community and families back.”

Watch the video of the announcement below, and check out the full news release with a PDF of the full lawsuit.