White supremacy fuels ‘public charge’ proposal

I THINK IT’S SOME SORT of dystopian rule that the things with the most innocuous names often have the most pernicious effects. The newest entrant into that category is the US Department of Homeland Security’s proposed “public charge” rule, which seeks to deny anyone a green card if they have used some form of public assistance.

It’s part of an unmistakable drive by the current administration to institute anti-immigrant policies. Previously, the White House has sought to end temporary protected status for residents who came from various violence- and disaster-stricken nations, and who subsequently have become hard-working, high-contributing US residents. The president attempted to scuttle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which remains in place thanks only to a court mandate. The administration has even tried to curb the flow of refugees from nations suffering from conflicts in which we’ve been active participants, such as Syria and Yemen. Most notoriously, President Trump and his staff found it fit to rip children away from their parents and put them in detention as they sought asylum, and more than a hundred still have not been united with their parents.

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